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Free Shipping to Any California Address

Don't worry if you missed out on the "Unicorn Day 50% Discount" - We Still Have the 25% Discount On A Case Including 25% off on Shipping. 

This year we've done some "feel good discounts" to raise money for Wildlife Rescue Non-Profits where the customer gets an additional 10% and the organizations receive 40% of all proceeds for the month.  Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network received $650 and is on track with almost $250 already raised this month - use SBWCN10 to get your discount).  The Wild West Wildlife Rehab Center in Texas received $650 and Coastal Carolina Wildlife Rehab (NC) is our NC recipient (CCWR10).

** At this time, we can only ship wine to California, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.  Please be sure to have your email address on your order so we can follow up regarding shipments to other states or email us to assist in placing your order.  **