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It's time to start your holiday shopping and we'd like to talk

Corporate Gifting

We can arrange special, personalized stickers to go on your bottles, personalized notecards to accompany your gift, and some pretty hefty discounts.  We can ship to you to hand out or ship direct to your client or customer. 


This year our "feel good discounts" have raised over $3,000 for Wildlife Rescue Non-Profits where customers received an additional 10% on any discounts they may already have and the organizations received 40% of all proceeds for the month.  Contact us if you'd like your organization considered for this program. 

*** ** We ship wine to California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas.  Please be sure to have your email address on your order so we can follow up regarding shipments to other states or email us to assist in placing your order.  ** **