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Kent Mitchell
January 3, 2021 | Kent Mitchell

New Year New Plans

As we go forward into 2021, we're all hoping that things across the country are able to reopen and regain normalcy.  For us, the restrictions have limited our ability to do tastings and serve on our property.  However, there is a seating area across from us and people have been grabbing a bottle of wine and enjoying it "al fresco" during the holiday season.  We're also continuing as a "wine shop" retailer and making some changes to display more items and make things easy to "grab and go".  We spent some time with east coast family over the holidays, I'm heading out for a week of skiing in Aspen and Rona's happy to be back with the herd who enjoyed some time off for the holidays.  Don't be strangers - we're still around in Los Olivos and will be expanding hours in the next week or so to be available for our clients.  Also, Rona wants to be sure to remind the riders that there is a Hawley Bennett Clinic at CD Equestrian on Ballard Canyon Road next weekend. 


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