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Kent Mitchell
October 19, 2022 | Kent Mitchell

Sailing Away

Wow!  Rona and I bought a boat in June to use as a waterfront "condo" in Santa Barbara.  After working for three months and finally getting her ready, I decided "Pony Up" wasn't the right boat (it is possible that Rona disagrees) and now we are working on "Ramble", a Defever 44 trawler.  So now boat number and horse number are equal in our family! 

All that boat work, plus my neck surgery means that I've been woefully neglectful of things over here in "wine world".  Luckily, Rona has been pursuing some leads and we are hoping to be opening up a new location in Solvang by the end of the year.  We are planning to have an experienced manager in that location who has had a number of years working with a top winemaker in the area. 

So, while we head back to Florida with the horses and ducks for the winter, wines will be bottled and ready to increase the inventory.  We are looking forward to again having a physical location and one close to the ranch. 


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