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The Accidental Winemaker

I never dreamed that I'd be a winemaker!  Several years ago, we came to California with our small herd of horses to escape the Florida summers.  While my wife was fully involved with the horses, I became interested in the vineyards around our ranch.  Met some good people, got interested.  And now, in 2020, we've bottled the first of grapes that I helped source and blend, wines that have my input with the assistance of master winemaker, Steve Clifton.

Hopefully, you will enjoy drinking these wines as much as I've enjoyed making them. 

Kent Mitchell

Kent Mitchell
November 1, 2020 | Kent Mitchell

Fall time at the Ranch

Can't believe it is already November.  Back on the ranch, the horses are suddenly shaggy...until they're clipped and fancy looking; mornings are crisp, even with some frost on the ground some days.  Out at the beach the shorty wetsuit isn't quite as comfortable as it was just a few weeks ago and surf sessions are a bit shorter.  Over at the tasting room we're opening up a little earlier and closing a littler earlier too to take advantage of the daylight.  As dusk falls we often have folks gather by the firepit and enjoy a glass of wine before heading to an early dinner. 

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Kent Mitchell
October 31, 2020 | Kent Mitchell

My First Journal Post

During the past few years of touring vineyards, crushing grapes, and tasting wine, I wasn't sure quite what to expect from our initial offerings at the tasting room in Los Olivos.  Well, I realize that I like wine.  I like people.  And that I'm happier out in the vineyards or in the winery.  Still, I swing by the tasting room at random times and open up for folks who happen to wander by, asking "are you open?".  I try to go on the weekends...and hey, that's when we have pizza and live music (when it is allowed).  Fall in Los Olivos is fantastic and I can spend hours in the garden behind the tasting room just enjoying conversation and some wine.  

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