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Kent Mitchell
February 18, 2022 | Kent Mitchell

Sometimes People Tell Me I Have A Screw Loose...

And apparently, they are correct!  I had a cervical fusion surgery back in 2013 and in the past few weeks (after an epic ski trip with high school friends), noticed some increased neck pain.  Fast forward to this week when xrays show that one of the screws has backed out about 1/2".  So, off to surgery in the next few weeks. 

So, no more ski trips for 2022 and time to buckle down and get the new wines bottled and ready for summer in California. 

We're still settling in to our winter digs in Ocala, FL and looking to return to CA by summer.  Rona and the horses are enjoying lots of hills to ride on the property, I'm enjoying walking the same. 

Folks are really loving the new Rosè which makes us super happy as we loved it when it was nothing more than grape juice!  Hope to be offering tastings in Solvang by this summer. 


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