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Kent Mitchell
June 8, 2021 | Kent Mitchell

Just June

After a visit to Pennsylvania to celebrate Rona's parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary, Rona's back in CA while I'm working in North Carolina.  I definitely think she's got the better weather.  We're meeting up in Ocala next week to start close on our new farm there.  After that, back to CA where she's planning another fun schooling show for the weekend of July 9th (Code WINE50 is 50% off July 1 -12).  This month in addition to our CASE25 discount on 12 bottles or more, we're doing a Father's Day Discount (Code DAD50) to offer 50% off in honor of Father's Day.  All month the FOTWL10 gives customers an additional 10% off on most other discounts and we donate 40% of all proceeds to a wildlife non-profit - this month, Friends of Texas Wildlife in The Woodlands, TX. 

We shipped out a case of wine to be enjoyed by a young couple in Texas in honor of a birthday (thanks to his Aunt Debbie) and folks are getting prepped for their corporate holiday gifting - contact Rona to ask about discounts and special notecards and stickers.  Last year we handled all the corporate gifting via email so that gifts could receive maximum personalization and we are happy to do so again this year.