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Kent Mitchell
April 21, 2021 | Kent Mitchell

Texas Wildlife

I headed to Cook's Branch Conservancy for some family Foundation work last week and Rona flew in to meet me to spend a few days visiting family and friends in Houston and Austin.  Apparently, it wasn't enough to donate money to wildlife rehab, Rona had to save a critter on her own. 

While waiting for me to pick her up at the Houston Airport, she noticed a group of people entering with lots of yelling and cell phone videos which point a tiny baby opossum ran into baggage claim.  Without missing a beat, Rona scooped the baby up in her scarf, contacted Wild West Wildlife Rehab in Amarillo (last month's donations) for a contact in Houston.  With lots of questions from the LA Professional Rugby Team, I picked up Rona and her new friend and we headed to the Woodlands Mall (opossum still cradled in a scarf), grabbed a pet carrier, food, and some soft snuggly things and headed to Cook's Branch for the evening. 

After a night of snuggly the pet carrier (opossum was unhappy unless nestled next to Rona's heartbeat), we headed to Friends of Texas Wildlife in The Woodlands and dropped off our baby.  There they plan to introduce several of the same size to each other, make sure they are fit and well-fed, and then they'll be released back at a 5,000 acre preserve.  Not a bad rescue!